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 "JUST BARELY"                                                                                                                $385.00

MOTORCYCLE DUAL SPORT KIT                                                                                   Free S&H in US

EXC 2006 & 2007
PN 6613

Kit details:
  • Utilizes the stock headlight, fender and taillight assembly
  • Hydraulic Brake switch with compression washers, wire harness with factory KTM connectors
  • Mirror - Folding Dual Sport - black
  • High quality, compact, bar control switch with off/lo/hi headlight, horn and turn signal functions, includes LED high beam indicator
  • Kit components plug directly into the stock KTM connectors
  • Electronic flasher
  • 114db horn
  • Four LED signal lights, short stem LED with mounting bracket on the front and flush mount rear signal lights
  • High quality factory type connectors, wire wraps and fasteners
  • Complete detailed / illustrated instructions
  • NO stator rewind necessary

All components and workmanship are highest quality.

You get the complete kit with all the problems worked out for you, just follow the detailed / illustrated instructions and have a high quality professional installation.

Check local regulations for specific requirements in your area. Converting off-road motorcycles is not legal in all states – In addition to this kit most some states require DOT approved tires and a speedometer to be fully compliant. Check local laws before purchasing this product.